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"I’m 56. My periods stopped six months ago, and right after my last period I started getting really bad hot flashes that happened all throughout the day. I also started getting severe night sweats every single night, the kind where you have to get out of bed and change the sheets and everything you are wearing. I was miserable! I really didn’t want to do hormone replacement therapy, so I tried acupuncture, and while I found it relaxing it didn’t really help the hot flashes or night sweats at all. A friend recommended I try going to Cindi, and I figured I’d give acupuncture one more shot before giving up and doing HRT. I was shocked when after the first treatment with Cindi I had NO hot flashes or night sweats for the entire week leading up to my next appointment! The results after my second treatment were just as dramatic, with pretty much total relief from my symptoms even with triggers like alcohol and stress! I’m so thankful!
-- Tracey, 2019