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Prenatal Care

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"I have been seeing Cindi for pregnancy related issues and over time I have come to depend on her not only for quality acupuncture treatment but sage timely advice related to pregnancy. Look no further if you are trying to find a great acupuncturist!

"Cindi has a lot of experience working with pregnancy related issues and also has great information about local doctors, hospitals, and other naturopathic pharmacies. She is very professional, empathetic and is very prompt with communication. She has given me really useful pointers regarding quality natural and western medications, which have made all the difference!

"What I like about her style is that she gives you information about all the options that might be available to you, lets you choose, and then works with your choice. She has been with me every step of the way through my complicated pregnancy. I am so grateful and glad to have had her support. I cannot recommend her enough!!"
-- Sai, 2019

"Cindi is great. I had never seen an acupuncturist and I was honestly a bit nervous. I saw her during my pregnancy to help prepare for labor and I am glad I did. She is very practical and gentle with her treatments. She also helped me when my baby was breech by doing a special treatment with moxa sticks. My baby turned the next day (I also sought chiropractic treatment for this). Her treatments are fairly priced and she specializes working with pregnant women and balancing hormones. I have seen her once since my baby was born and it helped me feel better as well. I highly recommend her!"
-- Megan, 2015

"Thanks for helping me have a great pregnancy! I really feel pretty awesome, considering how pregnant I am. I'm still going to the gym and I sleep pretty well. I know acupuncture throughout my pregnancy had a lot to do with it!!"
-- Ashley, 2015

"I was under the care of Cindi Ignatovsky during my two pregnancies. Her acupuncture treatments helped me have a healthy pregnancy, babies and avoid postpartum depression. She is professional, caring, and knowledgeable. She's someone I continue to see for my general health and can not recommend her highly enough."
-- G., 2013

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