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Pregnancy & Nausea/Vomiting

"As a lifetime sufferer of reflux & IBS, I had struggled with debilitating nausea with 2 of my prior pregnancies. I began treatment with Cindi at the start of my current pregnancy, and my nausea has been so much better! In my previous pregnancy I was barely able to leave the house in the first trimester. This time I have been fully functional! Cindi has continuously explored new ways to manage my discomfort. She was also able to teach me how I could combat my nausea at home! Overall, a resoundingly positive experience with noticeable results!!!"
-- Anne, 2014

"I had bad hyperemesis with my first pregnancy - even on Zofran I vomited almost daily for the entire nine months. I spent a lot of my pregnancy in bed or on the couch and was unable to work. When I got pregnant with my second child I went on Zofran again, but I was still vomiting daily and having horrible dizziness. A friend told me about Cindi, and I started seeing her at week 18. I was skeptical that anything could help, so I was amazed that the week after my first treatment the dizziness was gone, I didn't vomit once, and I only had bad nausea for two days! And it just kept getting better with each treatment - I'd have a bad day here and there, but overall I felt really good! Cindi also helped me with other issues that came up during my pregnancy, such as low back pain and fatigue. I can't say enough good things about her - thanks to her I had a much more enjoyable pregnancy than my first."
-- Jenny, 2008

"I've been seeing Cindi for several years, for issues ranging from allergies, endometriosis, painful menstrual cramps and, most recently, throughout my IVF process. I believe that Western medicine is essential to good health, but I find true inner peace, in much the same way many might find it with meditation, by having acupuncture. To me, it feels very healing. The needles don't hurt - I don't like needles and I absolutely love acupuncture. What I like about Cindi is that she's very educated about medical terms and conditions. I don't have to explain much of anything and most likely she's treated that same ailment before. Once the needles are placed, the room is yours to relax and/or drift off to sleep (I personally almost always sleep). At 11 weeks pregnant with twins and suffering from severe nausea and heartburn, it's the only time I get relief these days. Cindi's extremely good at what she does and I can honestly say the sessions have helped me tremendously."
-- Jennifer, 2010

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