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"Cindi is the best. When we started trying for our second baby, we ran into issues -- an early miscarriage, then an irregular cycle for several months that made it difficult to know if/when I was ovulating. My OB immediately suggested fertility drugs, but I didn't want to go that route if I didn't have to. So I called Cindi, after reading the great Yelp reviews. Thank goodness I did.

"She is the perfect blend of Eastern philosophy and Western sensibility. She is able to order blood tests, which saves you from having to get your regular doctor to order them. She makes sure that both you and she understand what's happening in your body, and then you both make a plan to address it. She is empathetic and warm, but also has a problem-solving bent to her personality, which I love. I wanted answers and I wanted a path forward, and that's what she provided me. She empowered me to take control of my health in ways I hadn't done, previously. With her encouragement, I even dumped my old OB and started seeing a new doctor who is supportive of acupuncture and an absolutely fantastic OB.

"Within a couple of months of seeing Cindi, I became pregnant. Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended in a 2nd trimester loss because of a chromosomal abnormality. Once again, Cindi was incredibly supportive, and provided acupuncture sessions to help me deal with the physical and emotional aftermath. She also provided me recommendations for counselors to help me work through the grief. To my delight, 6 weeks after that loss, I became pregnant AGAIN, with my now-3-month-old daughter. (She's perfect. :) )

"Cindi's treatments during the pregnancy helped me with morning sickness, fatigue and physical aches. My due date came and went, and her treatment helped jumpstart labor.

"I can't thank Cindi enough for helping me on this long journey. She's a gifted practitioner and a great human being."
-- Megan, 2013

"Cindi is my saving grace! My husband and I had no problems getting pregnant, however the baby would not seem to stick and we miscarried twice. I was referred to see Cindi for fertility treatments. Cindi did a remarkable job analyzing my entire body and health to see what might be causing the miscarriages. After seeing Cindi for treatments once a week for a month and going in for blood testing we got pregnant again and this time our baby that has stayed! Cindi is extremely professional, extremely knowledgeable, and very caring. She has and continues to be a wonderful resource for me throughout my pregnancy. My husband and I are forever grateful to Cindi for giving us peace and joy throughout our pregnancy. I would HIGHLY recommend Cindi to anyone who is pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant. Thank you, thank you, Cindi for being such a blessing in our life!"
-- Sara A., 2013

Also, here's an interview with Sara about her experience.