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Labor Preparation/Induction

Thank you for 3 healthy pregnancies which have given us our 3 beautiful kids! Words can not express how grateful we are and I'm going to miss our sessions together! Thank you also for inducing baby N to get her out just before her due date (and medical induction).
-- C, 2017

"I saw Cindi at 38.5 weeks pregnant - I wanted to do a VBAC naturally. My doctor was going to do a c-section at 40 weeks if I didn't go naturally and I did not want to do that. I saw Cindi 3 (maybe 4?) times, the last time the day before the c-section. Cindi pulled out all the stops, I went into labor that night and I had a beautiful natural birth, an amazing experience. She was generous, patient - a great experience and a great alternative to a c-section!"
-- Kara H., 2012

"Cindi worked with me through my second pregnancy to help reduce swelling and other uncomfortable issues. And in the end she induced that baby! She was practical and calm in her approach; she made it very clear what she was doing and why, what she recommended, etc... I would recommend her to anyone, though my experience was all with pregnancy (and postpartum) issues."
-- Susan, 2012

"Once I was pregnant, it was wonderful to see Cindi every week or every other week...her treatments helped me have a very comfortable and easy pregnancy, and it was great being able to ask an expert all my little preggo questions without having to call my ob all the time. In short, Cindi was an integral part of our journey from "gee, let's have a baby" to the moment my ob placed our son on my chest. It was a much longer journey than we ever expected it to be, and I think we'd still be stuck somewhere on the path without her insight, intuition, and skill. I highly recommend her for any type of "female trouble," fertility challenges, and pregnancy support.

She also successfully (much more than I was expecting!) induced me after my ob decided my son would be a giant baby and started threatening me with medical induction, and recommended our amazing doula."
-- Emily, 2010

"When I hadn't gone into labor on my own at 41 weeks, both my doula and midwife recommended that I see Cindi for an acupuncture induction. I had a natural childbirth with my first baby, and really wanted to avoid Pitocin and everything else that comes with a medical induction. I was nervous about getting acupuncture, but Cindi was great at explaining everything she was going to do, and the treatment was really relaxing! I had one treatment, and my baby was born just 36 hours later! I highly recommend her for labor induction."
-- Pamela, 2008

"My family has a history of late babies - both myself and my two sisters were born three weeks past our due dates. My OB told me I wouldn't be allowed to go past 41 weeks without being induced, so I knew I needed to do something to get labor going earlier. I started seeing Cindi for acupuncture when I was 37 weeks pregnant. Once I was 39 weeks, she started labor induction treatments. I had three induction treatments, and delivered my baby naturally on my due date (my OB was shocked!). I've recommended her to several friends since then, and will definitely be seeing her with my next pregnancy! I can't thank her enough for how she helped me."
-- Beth, 2009

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