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Fertility with IVF

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"I am so grateful for the treatment I received from Cindi. I started receiving acupuncture treatments when we began IUI. Cindi looked at our history and recommended several hormone tests my Dr. had not done, and thanks to her we found some issues we hadn't known about - they were serious enough for us to move on to IVF. I am so glad that we started acupuncture early, because I think that the treatment I received from Cindi really prepared me physically and mentally for a successful IVF cycle. Proceeding to IVF was a scary and stressful step, but Cindi helped me to manage my stress, regulated my hormones, guided me through the terminology, and helped me feel like what we were doing was normal. I believe that Cindi's treatments were very influential in us having a successful IVF baby. I am currently seeing Cindi again to prepare for our next IVF baby!"
-- Becky, 2012

"After trying to get pregnant for over two years, I found out that both of my tubes are blocked and that IVF was my only option. I had read about how acupuncture can greatly increase your chance of conception with IVF, so I did some research and found Cindi. After negative experiences with two other acupuncturists, Cindi is an angel. She is knowledgeable about both Eastern and Western medicine, easy to talk to, and listens well. We used acupuncture before, during and after our IVF cycle, and got pregnant on our first try! I continued to see Cindi throughout my pregnancy - my pregnancy was complication free and all my pregnancy woes were under control. I believe acupuncture treatment played a part in that as well. I definitely recommend Cindi to anyone seeking an acupuncturist for fertility and pregnancy care."
-- Denise, 2009

Update: Denise returned in 2012 to prepare for her 2nd IVF and became pregnant with twins!

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