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Fertility with IUI

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"Thank you so much for going though the this roller-coaster ride with me the past year. Each session I get more than acupuncture, I also get all your emotional support. I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you so very much Cindi!
- Janice, 2014

"Another 5 star review for Cindi! My husband actually went to her first for tinnitus, and was casually telling her that we had been doing endless rounds of fertility treatments. She asked if I was doing acupuncture, and mentioned that it can really help with the process. So I booked an appointment, went through my medical history, and did a few treatments with Cindi. I also read the books she recommended, and made a few changes to my diet, and incorporated vitamins. BAM! After trying for 2 1/2 years, I got pregnant on my third round of injectables. The only thing I did differently was adding in acupuncture and incorporating Cindi's suggestions. I know this won't be the case with everyone, but it was my experience, and I'm so grateful that I found Cindi when I did. My daughter is now 18 months old, and I'm seeing Cindi again as we try for another baby."
-- Kaari, 2011

"Cindi is amazing. I started seeing her after going off the pill in preparation for starting our family, and my cycles were crazy. I enjoyed her supportive but professional manner, and the fact that she was well-versed in alternative medicine, but not at all hostile to Western medicine or into the more out-there alternatives. I'm sure crystals work for some people, but I don't want to hear about them.

"Cindi did a great job of helping regulate my cycles and getting me ovulating regularly. Unfortunately, that wasn't quite enough for us to get pregnant, and we went through a very long journey on the way to our wonderful son. Cindi was incredibly helpful all along the way, both with the medical aspects and the emotional. I don't think I could have made it through the very painful years without her compassion and perspective. It turns out I have several immune-related factors that were preventing a successful pregnancy. Cindi suggested it early on, and suggested an RE (Dr. Zouves, who is amazing!) who specializes in these problems.

"It took me a while to be ready to hear that and to pursue it, but once I did, it turned out she was dead right. I'm amazed at how intuitive she was at knowing what was going on with me, and I'm incredibly grateful to her for figuring it out and sending me to the right doctor. She provided acupuncture support for our treatments with Dr. Z that I believe contributed to our success, and also was unbelievably kind, caring, and understanding during the often scary and stressful process.

"Once I was pregnant, it was wonderful to see her every week or every other week...her treatments helped me have a very comfortable and easy pregnancy, and it was great being able to ask an expert all my little preggo questions without having to call my ob all the time. In short, Cindi was an integral part of our journey from "gee, let's have a baby" to the moment my ob placed our son on my chest. It was a much longer journey than we ever expected it to be, and I think we'd still be stuck somewhere on the path without her insight, intuition, and skill. I highly recommend her for any type of "female trouble", fertility challenges, and pregnancy support.

"She also successfully (much more than I was expecting!) induced me after my ob decided my son would be a giant baby and started threatening me with medical induction, and recommended our amazing doula."
-- Emily, 2010

Update: Emily returned in 2012 to prepare for her 2nd IVF and became pregnant with her second child with just using acupuncture!

"I began seeing Cindi in December 2008, after a year of trying to get pregnant with my second child. We had started IUI's in September and had tried both Clomid and Femara in combination with IUI, but had not had any success. We were scheduled to move on to injectables in combination with IUI and I decided to try additional methods to increase our chances of becoming pregnant. I am a believer in western medicine, having worked for a pharmaceutical company for several years, but decided to try acupuncture after hearing how it was being used to treat infertility. I chose Cindi based on a recommendation and her convenient location. I liked Cindi and her methods from the very beginning.

"On the first visit she did a thorough questionnaire of my medical history and was knowledgeable about current medical practices to treat infertility. She was also very cognizant of the medications I was on and treated me appropriately in terms of timing and any herbal supplementation. Cindi is very easy to talk to and always began the appointment with "so tell me what is going on?" I would fill her in on everything from my current medications and IUI schedule to the stresses of my job. She would then treat me accordingly with acupuncture. The best part of seeing Cindi was that four months after starting treatments with her I became pregnant with my baby girl. I believe that she was instrumental in helping us to become pregnant. I continued to see Cindi during my pregnancy, where she helped to alleviate some of the stresses I encountered, through acupuncture and her words of experience. We now have a healthy ten-week old baby girl! I would recommend Cindi to anyone dealing with infertility."
-- Kristina, 2010

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