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"Cindi is an amazing acupuncturist. I am so happy I found her. She specializes in fertility and has been supporting me in my process of getting pregnant. She is full of knowledge related specifically to fertility and will journey along side you each step of the way. I have seen other acupuncturists before for women's health but Cindi actually shares with you lifestyle diet and supplement changes you can make to create a healthier body for pregnancy. I appreciate her approach and how at each appointment she checks in with you with where you are at and then discusses the next steps to support you. This has been a different experience because before the acupuncturist would simple put the needles in sometimes in a rush. I highly recommend Cindi if you are looking for an intelligent, knowledgeable, consistent, grounded and kind acupuncturist to support you with any health concerns you may be facing!"
- Lisa, 2022

"I went to Cindi after unsuccessfully trying to have a baby for over a year. I was also going through fertility treatments but I wanted to try something other than traditional western medicine as well. Cindi is amazing. She is very knowledgeable and immediately gave me suggestions of things I could do right away to help my odds. Simple products and supplements that my other doctor made no mention of. If nothing else it just made me feel empowered, like I was doing something to help. I was never really a big believer in acupuncture but I got pregnant right away after seeing Cindi. Highly recommended!"
- J, 2021

"If you are trying to get pregnant and having a hard time look no further. Cindi is unbelievable. She is so knowledgeable and so passionate about the field. I got pregnant with my second child on my second cycle after seeing her! Still quite shocking. My husband also visited Cindi which was super helpful. She made some changes in our diet and supplements we were taking and of course needles. I also did some lab work and what I loved was that she has affordable lab options available with Labcorp. She listens and will have a specific plan for each patient. I have recommended her to so many people. I wish I have met her when we were trying with my first baby. Also, she is super fast in responding to emails. I 100% recommend Cindi."
Lili, 2020

"I have been trying to get pregnant for 5 years now. Last year I started going for acupuncture after reading how it affects your fertility. I did a lot of research before I selected Cindi and I am glad I did! Cindi is very holistic in her approach, she is probably one of the rare acupuncturist who doesn't try to fit one size for all. She runs a thorough blood panel to understand what could be the root cause and accordingly tailors her approach. If Cindi wouldn't have run such thorough test, I wouldn't have known that my body doesn't absorb the synthetic pre-natal pills! Slowly and surely my body started to heal and feel better... and finally I was able to conceive! I would highly recommend Cindi to all who have been yearning to get pregnant, just don't look any further. It doesn't get better than Cindi!!"
Priyanka, 2018

"Cindi is the best around! We had been trying to get pregnant for over a year when Cindi was recommended to me. I had never been to acupuncture of any kind before and was curious, and admittedly a bit skeptical :). I started seeing Cindi in April. I found her initially to be warm, patient, willing to answer any of my questions or address any of my concerns since I had never received an Acupuncture treatment. Within the first couple visits and some bloodwork we were able to assess some of my vitamin and hormone levels and determine what was "normal" (per feedback from my current OB) and what was good for fertility specifically.

"She then recommended a series of supplements to increase a few of my levels to a place that were good for fertility. 4 months later we were pregnant, naturally and on our own! I continued seeing Cindi all throughout my pregnancy up through the end when I was a week overdue for induction treatments. Cindi appointments were something to look forward to; each session began with a quick update on what was going on at the time with the pregnancy and a quick discussion about any discomfort I was experiencing and how we could customize the treatment that day to help address anything. She is full of great tips and advice and knows the Bay Area birth community inside and out - she is a true expert in her profession in every sense and is just a lovely person. She really cares about her patients. If you have any hesitation about giving fertility acupuncture a shot please don't and please DO give Cindi a chance - she is a gem and will be your ally!"
Amy, 2017

"Cindi is amazing! I went to see her after being frustrated with trying to conceive with no luck for over 6 months. I started seeing her on CD3 and by the end of that same cycle I was pregnant! I have continued seeing her through my first trimester and I definitely think she has helped my nausea be minimal and tolerable. I will continue to see her throughout the duration of my pregnancy. I highly recommend Cindi ... she is very easy to talk to and a miracle worker in my opinion!
Teri, 2017

"Before meeting Cindi, my husband and I had been trying to conceive for a year. I had been diagnosed with PCOS and we tried a few rounds of fertility drugs, but that just left me feeling frustrated and depressed. At my first appointment with Cindi I knew I was in good hands. She asked me detailed questions that no previous medical professional had asked, and was able to recommend the appropriate vitamins and treatment plan for me. I was initially a bit nervous about acupuncture, but it ended up being the most relaxing experience I've ever had.

"I was incredibly surprised however, when after just one cycle I became pregnant! Cindi continued to treat me throughout my pregnancy, and I always looked forward to those 30 minutes of the deepest sleep, followed by feeling calm and refreshed. It was also nice to have a knowledgeable resource to talk to about my symptoms and answer all my questions about pregnancy. I now have a beautiful 3 month-old son and I've never been happier. I owe a lot to Cindi. She truly is a miracle worker!"
Jennifer, 2017

"After two and a half years of TTC and going through various tests (blood tests, HSG, laparoscopy, semen test for him, etc) and not being able to find anything, my husband and I were given the diagnosis of unexplained infertility. We met with a Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility doctor, who told us that the next step is to go ahead with IUI or IVF. By this point, I was extremely distressed about being unable to conceive and I felt hopeless.

"However, I felt that there had to be a treatable reason that we were not getting pregnant. I decided to reach out to Cindi after reading about her practice on yelp and on her website. I believe her unique approach of combining Eastern and Western diagnosis and treatment is what ultimately led to me getting pregnant. The unbelievable (but true!) result is that I became pregnant within one cycle of seeing Cindi.

"I had been to another acupuncturist a year earlier for treatment, and the difference between that person and Cindi is like night and day. Cindi takes the time to perform a thorough assessment prior to starting treatment. At the beginning of every session, she follows up on symptoms and progress per recommendations. These steps allow her to hone the treatment plan to be even more effective and efficient. With regular appointments with Cindi, I had a smooth pregnancy and had a healthy full term baby girl. I highly recommend Cindi to anyone who is dealing with infertility, especially those who are told to pursue IUI or IVF as the next step."
- O.M., 2016

I'll just echo what everyone else has said: Cindi's awesome! I started going to her while trying to get pregnant- she's like the cool older sister you don't feel weird asking personal questions re: your fertility. She's VERY responsive to email- something I really appreciate in a health care provider. And best of all, I'm now expecting a baby girl in January! I've had no morning sickness seeing Cindy once per week during my pregnancy. I intend on continuing to see her throughout. I highly recommend her- I really really like and trust her.
- Ashley, 2014

"Cindi has held us in a space of hope and reality as we have walked the journey of fertility. When we met Cindi we had spent 4 years trying to figure out why we couldn't conceive. Cindi brought Chinese and Western Medicine to our journey in an harmonious way. Throughout the years, Cindi guided us with knowledge and a caring heart. As we write these words, we are watching our 20 month old son build a tower with Lego blocks and waiting for our 5 month old daughter to wake up from her nap. Cindi, we are forever grateful to you for helping us prepare our bodies, hearts and minds to receive these two little ones into the world."
--Ana, 2013

"I started seeing Cindi for acupuncture to help reduce my stress and to feel more centered. I also wanted to learn more about eastern fertility treatment through acupuncture and Chinese medicine. My husband and I were trying to conceive for about eight months, which was in the 'normal' trying range, but it was leaving us frustrated. We wanted to know all of our options and I wanted to make sure I was doing everything possible, both in Western and Eastern medicine. I found this support and information from Cindi.

"I felt an immediate connection upon meeting Cindi. She has taught me how Western and Eastern medicine together can support my fertility and reduce my stress. My acupuncture treatments have left me feeling centered and more calm. And, after having acupuncture treatments and taking Chinese herbs that Cindi created for me, I am thrilled to announce my pregnancy! I know that Cindi's knowledge helped support my husband and I getting pregnant.

"Cindi is caring, professional, nurturing, and empathetic. I feel like we have created a team. She has eased my nerves prior to me becoming pregnant and since I have become pregnant. I plan on seeing her for my post-natal care too. Cindi continues to support me and I look forward to our appointments. I highly recommend Cindi in supporting you through any of your fertility needs."
-- Sarah, 2012

"My Gynecologist referred me to Cindi when I was having problems getting pregnant with my second child. Going to Cindi to help with fertility was my first acupuncture experience, and because of her it was a wonderful one! She had answers to each one of my questions and took the time to thoroughly walk through and explain this new process to me. She is a wealth of knowledge! After seeing her for 3 months I got pregnant, and my acupuncture visits were the only thing I changed in my routine. I am a true believer and feel so blessed to be expecting a baby boy with the help of Cindi. Thank you!"
-- Amy, 2012

"I started treatment with Cindi when my husband and I were trying to conceive. I knew it might be tough for me to get pregnant due to PCOS, so I opted for the proactive, non-invasive, holistic approach hoping to avoid medical interventions as much as possible. After about two months I was pregnant! I thought it would take me years. I was so relieved and so happy to go through this gentle and pleasant journey and succeed! I kept going to Cindi all through my pregnancy, which was amazing. Cindi played a huge role in supporting me through acupuncture and her amazing ability to listen and provide solutions while accommodating to what I have chosen to do. After my zero intervention labor and delivery of my beautiful, calm son I keep going to Cindi when I can and will definitely do it all over again for future pregnancies. Cindi has world-class knowledge, wonderful bedside manner, is very thorough, gentle and kind, yet on top of everything involving her patients' care. I wish I had a pocket Cindi to take along with me wherever I go! :)"
-- Dafna, 2012

"Cindi is terrific. After a few months of trying to conceive, I was getting nervous that we would have to resort to medical interventions, so I booked my first appointment with Cindi. Six weeks later I was pregnant! I'm now nearly half-way through my pregnancy, with no problems or complications so far. Thanks in large part to Cindi, I feel relaxed and confident about the rest of my pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond. I am very afraid of needles before starting acupuncture with Cindi, I would pass out any time I got a shot or a blood test, so I was really nervous for our first appointment. She was extremely gentle and reassuring, and by the end of our first session I was quite happy to let her put needles anywhere she saw fit. :) Now not only do I look forward to acupuncture treatment, but I believe it has made me much less nervous during blood draws at my doctor's office (a good thing, too, considering all the blood tests pregnant women have to have!). Three cheers (and five stars!) for Cindi!"
-- Heather, 2012

"Cindi is a very professional practitioner. I got her name as a recommendation and have recommended her to many. She turned me from a skeptic about acupuncture into a believer. I saw her for infertility issues and was lucky enough to get pregnant soon after my first treatment! I continued to see her through my pregnancy and again after the baby came for help with breast-feeding issues - she really helped increase my milk supply. She is well versed in herbs as well. I find her bedside manner the best among all practitioners I saw during my quest for pregnancy, prenatal and post natal care. She is familiar with many health care systems and provides excellent complementary care."
-- Becky, 2008

"I was very fortunate to find Cindi... she helped me get pregnant with my second daughter, Julia!

"When working with Cindi for fertility issues, I immediately felt comfortable with her and confident with her skills. Within 3-4 months of working with her, I became pregnant! However, after 6 weeks I experienced a miscarriage, most likely due to a genetic problem with the baby. Naturally, I was devastated and in shock. Cindi was very compassionate and skilled in helping me through this difficult time with acupuncture, herbs and emotional support. I returned to working with her a few months after the miscarriage to try and conceive again, and within four months I became pregnant again! She was very supportive and knowledgeable in conceiving after a miscarriage and it was very helpful! I strongly feel that her treatments were the only way I got pregnant, as my husband and I tried for a good year on our own before I worked with Cindi. She is wonderful and I have highly recommended her to several friends! My daughter, Julia, is now 15 months old and is a very happy, healthy girl."
-- April, 2010

(Advanced Maternal Age) "Cindi is the greatest! I credit her for helping me conceive my second child. At age 42, testing showed both my husband and I within normal fertility ranges but, for some reason, we were just not getting pregnant. After a year and a half of failed natural family planning and 6 IUI's (one with fertility drugs), I feared that IVF would be our only option. A nurse friend suggested acupuncture and recommended Cindi. In just one cycle I found myself pregnant! Through Cindi's help I not only had a successful pregnancy, I had a totally nausea-free pregnancy! She also treated me for wrist pain I had due to the continuous lifting of my first daughter. A wrist brace got me through the worst of it, but years later, at certain angles/pressure, I was reminded with a sharp pain that it was still there. After Cindi's treatments, I haven't had that pain since - several years later, I am still pain free and I have total freedom of movement.

"Cindi is easy to talk to, professional and gives me the results I need. She has helped me a great deal. I highly recommend her."
-- Arlene, 2009

"After trying to naturally conceive for a year, I looked into other natural ways to help the process along. I was told acupuncture could be beneficial. I asked my midwife if she knew any acupuncturists that focus on fertility and she put me in touch with Cindi. From the start, Cindi put me at ease and was very knowledgeable about fertility. I was comfortable sharing personal information with her and she was interested in getting to know me and my story. I trusted her judgment, followed her advice, was committed to seeing her weekly and taking custom herbs, and during my 4th cycle, I learned I was pregnant!

"I think the combination of the physiological benefits of acupuncture coupled with how relaxed it made me was the perfect mix in helping me naturally conceive. Besides her warm personality and painless approach (really, the needles don't hurt!), Cindi was helpful with navigating my health insurance as well as working with me financially to ensure I could continue my care throughout my pregnancy. I would highly recommend working with Cindi on any and all health concerns - she has the magic touch!"
-- Daneen, 2010

"I interviewed Cindi after four years of infertility and miscarriage. Acupuncture was a last resort for me. I was skeptical and scared of the unknown. Cindi treated me with kindness. She was thorough in her questioning from week to week, and responded to my medical and emotional needs. I continued to see Cindi through my first trimester of pregnancy. Now my daughter is over a year old. I recommend Cindi to my friends who are going through infertility."
-- Jennifer, 2008

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