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Acupuncture & Pain Reviews

Knee Pain

"I had knee surgery 7 days ago. Yesterday, on post-op day 6, I went in to see Cindi for acupuncture. I saw improvement immediately! When I sat up and swung my legs over the side of the table, my knee bent so easily! The stiffness was so much better, I almost couldn't believe it. Thanks to Cindi, I am now down to using just one crutch instead of 2, and the range of motion in my knee is improving dramatically. I also have a lot less pain and swelling today. Cindi is amazing, and I highly recommend her!!"
--Leila, 2014

Back Pain

"I saw Cindi following a car accident. Weeks of chiropractic had helped but I was still in a lot of pain. The evening after my first treatment with Cindi, I met friends for a glass of wine and sat with complete comfort for a couple hours on a wooden bar stool with no back support. That couldn't have happened the day before! Cindi helped me recover more fully, and quickly than chiropractic and physical therapy combined."
--Madeline, 2012