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Pregnancy & Lactation Issues

"Cindi is a very professional practitioner. I got her name as a recommendation and have recommended her to many. She turned me from a skeptic about acupuncture into a believer. I saw her for infertility issues and was lucky enough to get pregnant soon after my first treatment! I continued to see her through my pregnancy and again after the baby came for help with breast-feeding issues - she really helped increase my milk supply. She is well versed in herbs as well. I find her bedside manner the best among all practitioners I saw during my quest for pregnancy, prenatal and post natal care. She is familiar with many health care systems and provides excellent complementary care."
-- Becky, 2008

"Cindi is a wonderful acupuncturist! I've seen her for multiple issues (tendonitis during pregnancy, labor induction, increasing milk supply), and each one had a good outcome. During early pregnancy, I had De Quervain's tendonitis in my left hand. The acupuncture treatments alleviated the pain immensely, and when I developed the condition in my right hand, I was still able to use my left relatively pain-free. Cindi also helped me induce my labor when I went past my due date. I'm truly thankful for this, because I wanted to avoid as many hospital interventions as possible. After my baby came, I also used acupuncture to help my milk supply come in. The treatments Cindi gave me really helped increase my pumping output and lowered my stress related to the supply issue. I can't recommend Cindi enough!"
-- Andrea, 2009