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Dermatology & Allergic Reactions

"I have always had great treatments with Cindi, but this one was exceptional! I had an acute allergic reaction to poison oak which has kept me homebound for the past two weeks. After using Technu, Benadryl, internal homeopathic remedies, clay packs, rubbing alcohol, and various ointments without much relief, I saw Cindi for treatment. Since I haven't really slept in quite awhile due to itching, I wasn't sure if I would be able to even lie still with needles. Acupuncture to the rescue again! I was out like a light and haven't been that comfortable since the onset of this episode. Not only that, but I had no itching during the treatment, and I was able to pretty much sleep through the night last night. The most amazing thing was this morning when I got up: I could walk with good range of motion in my ankle, which has been very stiff and painful for the past several days due to the swelling! Incredible relief! Thank you Cindi, so much, for your wonderful work!!"

-- Dr. Marilyn Moss, DC, 2011