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Acupuncture & Anxiety Reviews

When I first reached out to Cindi, I was roughly 5 months pregnant and had no idea how I was going to make it through the final part of my pregnancy. Prior to becoming pregnant, I had dealt with anxiety and depression, which had greatly increased with the hormonal shifts that pregnancy brought. I felt completely hopeless and was beginning to become suicidal.

When I emailed Cindi, she immediately responded and was the first healthcare provider, let alone person, to understand my desperation and empathize with me on a level I had not experienced. She made herself available to me that week, and from my first appointment I started to gain hope. Not only were her acupuncture treatments life changing, but she also listened to my concerns and made me feel validated and understood. Additionally, Cindi connected to me a network of other healthcare providers both of Eastern and Western medicine, which have also been invaluable to me on this journey. She checked in with me on a regular basis during and outside of our appointments and made sure I did not slide deeper into my depression.

I am now 9 months pregnant and can honestly say I do not know how I would have made it here without Cindi. I understand I am still at high risk for post-partum but I am confident that between Cindi and all the resources she has connected me with, I will be in good hands. I have never felt more taken care of by someone in the field of healthcare and have also never felt more confident recommending someone in Cindi's field to anyone who is struggling with anything related to fertility and pre/post-partum. I really respect that Cindi has chosen to specialize in this field and has a real passion for her work and sees all her patients through their journey.

My family and I will forever be grateful to Cindi for saving me in this pregnancy.
--B.T., 2015

I was referred to Cindi by my therapist, who I had been working with since the birth of my first child. I had an extremely bad experience with depression and anxiety while pregnant and postpartum with my first pregnancy and was determined to do everything I could to support myself better with my second pregnancy. I am so glad that I found Cindi and the treatment she provided. Cindi was an outstanding match for me and I felt immediately at ease. She was incredibly responsive and compassionate. With Cindi, I knew that I would be seen as me and not a list of symptoms. She was able to hold all the anxiety I brought into my appointments while not loosing sight of the person behind it. I felt seen and heard each time I visited her. The treatments she provided me became a vital part of my care plan, both during pregnancy and postpartum. I am a few weeks postpartum and am doing well. A large part of my wellness is due to Cindi and the treatment she provided me. I am so glad that I found Cindi and I would highly recommend her, especially to those mamas that struggle with anxiety and/or depression. I couldn't have imagined a better care provider to walk with me during this journey.
-- K.O., 2015

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