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Allergies & Asthma

"I am so grateful to have found Cindi! I decided almost two years ago to change my NYC lifestyle, return to my Bay Area roots and use alternative medicine to treat my various ailments, primarily my gluten intolerance. I found Cindi on Yelp, based on the helpful reviews. At our first meeting, Cindi took the time to get to know me, not just my symptoms. She helped me understand that there were other issues to be addressed as well, and I found almost immediate results. Her office has a relaxing vibe, is beautiful and spotless. She is able to accommodate my hectic schedule. She is intuitive, kind, compassionate and so supportive!

"Five weeks ago, I had acute symptoms of asthma related to my allergies, ended up going to Urgent Care and being prescribed prednisone and a rescue inhaler. Unlike my physician, who never returned my phone call, Cindi was able to see me right away the next day and wrote up an herbal formula for the asthma and allergies which was mailed to me within 3 days. I have used my inhaler just twice, a couple days after using the herbs, and now only keep my inhaler handy, but still have not had to use it. I am amazed at these results and grateful for Cindi!"
-- Dione, 2010

"Cindi is fantastic! I'd never tried acupuncture before coming to see Cindi, and am so glad that I finally did. She's been so supportive of me, and is always professional and compassionate. I began seeing Cindi after all traditional attempts to cure my allergies and asthma were failing miserably. I saw immediate relief! When I started seeing her, I had no idea that I'd be virtually free of the inhalers, asthma and the bronchitis that I faced every winter. I used to need inhalers when the air quality was bad and on a pretty regular basis during the rainy season. I can now count on one hand how often I've needed them since beginning to see her! I love how she checks in with me at each visit to make sure that we're addressing any new issues as well. It's great to know that if I'm feeling stressed out, I'll be a much more mellow version of myself when I walk out of her office an hour later! "
-- Ellen, 2009